Bible trails extend across the globe. Ancient Rome, Greece, Macedonia, Egypt, and Arabia are just a few of the many regions where biblical related events unfolded. Abraham, who’s name means the father of nations, spent much of his life in Judah and Shomron. Trails crisscrossing the region brought spices, exotic fruits, minerals, and other commodities from one people to the next. Judah and Shomron provided more than a vital passage for ancient international commerce, she was also the very source of much needed merchandise from agricultural produce through to minerals. Today, she continues to act as more than a gateway for modern commercial and industrial requirements, including high tech enterprises. Judah and Shomron retains the original values so precious to Abraham and his vision for the future. Religious and secular communities alike offer biblical interpretation as well as excelling in arts and crafts, among other cultural pursuits.‘Shomron Revival proudly participates in Project Abraham’s Vision with its trail blazing program bringing past, present and future together in this unspoilt environment. See the land where it all happened, meet the people that shape our future.’