Make That Date

Make That Date – Community Challenge

Make That Date has many exciting themes to enjoy. The Community Challenge provides a platform for Shomron communities to promote themselves through a growing interactive game show that is gaining in popularity. How does it work? In this variant, each participating community decides upon one particular date that both contestants and an online audience needs to solve within a specific time limit.

Let’s look at a typical example:

Ilana has a pet dog named Aria who’s 3rd birthday is July 4, 2023. So, the correct answer sought is July, 4, 2023. Through a series of videos, pre-recorded live performances, local company promotions, and other online media, clues are provided that lead to the correct answer. In the process of gaining clues, information is provided about the community. The game participants will need to gather information related to the community in order to progress through the game.

Community Challenge is an excellent platform to deliver powerful, promotional messages greatly enhancing the community’s reputation.