1. Tourist Routes

    Tourist Routes

    Bible trails extend across the globe. Ancient Rome, Greece, Macedonia, Egypt, and Arabia are just a few of the many regions where biblical related events unfolded. Abraham, who’s name means the father of nations, spent much of his life in Judah and Shomron. Trails crisscrossing the region brought spices, exotic...

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  2. Tourist Centers

    Tourist Centers

    It is proposed to set up displays in selected locations along a trail route. Each location will continue the thematic presentation Each tourist centre will have an exhibit relating to a specific trail topic e.g. Biblical Trail, Arts & Crafts Trail etc. These centres will show authentic artefacts from local...

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  3. Safe Travel Program

    Safe Travel Program

    Safe Travel Program The project introduces a program that includes two aspects of safe travel for visitors.  Health It is proposed to create an eco-friendly zone that is optimised for risk free travel against pandemic or other health issues. Properly implemented, such a safe travel zone could be attractive for...

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  4. Ridge Trail

    Ridge Trail

    The Ridge Route, along connecting mountain tops in the interior, ran along the central mountain ridge. To its east were deep wadi valleys leading to the Jordan Valley and the Arabah (Aravah). To its west were the foothills leading to the Mediterranean Sea (anciently the Great Sea). Moreover, there were...

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