Tourist Centers

It is proposed to set up displays in selected locations along a trail route. Each location will continue the thematic presentation

Each tourist centre will have an exhibit relating to a specific trail topic e.g. Biblical Trail, Arts & Crafts Trail etc. These centres will show authentic artefacts from local excavations, provide multicultural live performances among other attractive presentations.  

Below is an example show case

Produce Trail

Shiloh was home to a lively olive picking industry. From ancient times, ripe olives would be sent by caravans to nearby settlements for barreling, and shipment to markets as far away as Egypt. Below we see an original olive press dating from 6 BCE.

Biblical Trail

We are standing in the Valley of Shiloh looking west. The Philistines set out from there military base in Aphek. Their journey to Shiloh followed the disastrous defeat of Israelite forces, when the Ark of the Covenant was captured.

Arts & Crafts Trail

The next live demonstration of pottery making takes place in 30 minutes. Please take your seats at least 5 minutes beforehand. Local arts & crafts talent will conduct a hands-on class following the demonstration.