Safe Travel Program

Safe Travel Program

The project introduces a program that includes two aspects of safe travel for visitors. 

  1. Health

It is proposed to create an eco-friendly zone that is optimised for risk free travel against pandemic or other health issues. Properly implemented, such a safe travel zone could be attractive for the countless potential tourists sharing concerns about getting infected during travel.

Ways of achieving this goal could include erecting plastic hubs around bus seats and dining areas, improving air conditioning filters in hotels, maintaining social distancing in places on the tour route, and including nature trails through unspoilt areas

  1. Security

Travel throughout the West Bank for tourists sharing an ideology that runs counter to others, carries additional risks. It is imperative that establishing a secure travel experience is kept low key to minimise negative feelings towards visiting the area. However as prevention is better than cure, it is thought best to plan against any potentially difficult incidents. This holds true for the safety of any visiting Arab delegation or tourist group seen with animosity, as well as Jewish or Christian visitors. Once established, a subtle message conveying the security of travel, while highlighting other more enjoyable factors of their journey, should prove worthwhile. This balanced approach has already proven correct for tourists visiting other less disputed regions of Israel.