The Ridge Route, along connecting mountain tops in the interior, ran along the central mountain ridge. To its east were deep wadi valleys leading to the Jordan Valley and the Arabah (Aravah). To its west were the foothills leading to the Mediterranean Sea (anciently the Great Sea). Moreover, there were secondary, but still important routes, that connected the Via Maris and the Ridge Route in the southern part of the country. There are certain valleys where it is easier to ascend to the hill country than in other places. One of the most important secondary routes leaves the Via Maris just northeast of Ekron, comes by Timnah and Beth-shemesh through the Sorek Valley, then up into the Valley of Raphiem ending in Jerusalem (Jebus). Another important valley is the Valley of Lachish. It leaves the city, heads into the hill country, and then reaches the Ridge Route near Hebron. A major valley circled the city of Gezer. Travelers could leave the Via Maris, go right by Gezer, and ascend up the Aijalon Valley to what is called the way of Beth-horon. This was another important route on which biblical personages traveled on many occasions.