Shomron Peace Initiatives


There are numerous peace initiatives taking place throughout the Shomron. Contrary to popular public belief countless local Arabs work alongside Jewish settlers for the benefit of all. Ari Fuld was a leading light in Israel until his untimely death a few years ago during a terrorist attack. His legacy includes this remarkable video that gives an uncensored view of such cooperation between Arabs and Jews in the Shomron.

LIVE from inside a factory in Samaria. This is what peace looks like

Gepostet von Ari Fuld's Israel Defense Page am Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2018


The following is an excerpt from an article published in The Times of Israel by David Haivri. The article opens with the writers description of a summit he participated in:

“Some days ago I participated in the Jewish Media Summit that brought together hundreds of Jewish journalists and Social Media personalities from around the world, for a three and a half day conference in Jerusalem. Day one included a jam packed schedule of lectures and panels by experts and elected officials at a conference center in Mishkanot Sh’ananim in Jerusalem.  The program for day two allowed the participants to choose one of four bus treks for an inside look at different aspects of Israel’s realities. The plan included one of four choices for the day: Track 1: The Start Up Nation, High Tech, Innovation, and entrepreneurship, Track 2: Security, Coexistence and settlements, Track 3: The Good Life of Israel: Art, Culture, Cinematography, Dance and Cuisine, Track 4: Jerusalem, the Heart of the Nation: Temple Mount and the Western Wall. I chose to get on the coexistence bus tour in Gush Etzion.” David Haivri then mentions the great surprise in store for his guests:

“I have seen my guests, like the guests on the tour in Gush Etzion, express great surprise to see the unexpected, when they dare to cross over the “dark mountains” of the reality they imagined here, based on the narrow picture shown to them in the media.” It may seem hard to imagine that cordial meetings take place between local Arabs and Jews, but there are more friendly encounters happening than the international media would suggest:

“Our bus driver skilfully drove down the very narrow winding roads of Husan and delivered us to an open stairway leading to the beautiful stream and manmade pond in the valley below. There we met Inon Dan Kahati and Ziad Sabateen, who together lead the Home, a non-funded grassroots initiative that brings together Jews and Arabs, (in other words settlers and Palestinians), to pick up trash together as a means to Clean the Hate. The two spoke with our group of about 40 Jewish journalists and social media personalities, about their vision of a land so dear to its inhabitants, clean of trash and not less important, clean of hate. Over recent years, the two have organized mixed groups in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem to come together and pick up garbage in the public domain. Ziad tells that in the past he was active in different so-called “peace organizations,” but he left them after he discovered that Israeli leftists were not interested in fostering peace between Arabs and Jews who actually live in this area (Judea and Samaria). He says that living in peace with the Jews, whose homes he can see from his window is first on his list.”

David Ha’ivri with Inon Dan Kehati and Ziad Sabateen at Husan. Photo by Laura Ben-David